something strange occurred in Texas in December 1985. A bumper sticker bearing four simple words, "Don't mess with Texas," began appearing on pickup trucks across the Lone Star State. There was no explanation, no sponsor, just those four words and a small red-white-and-blue Texas flag.

For the most part, the pickups brandishing the stickers were driven by the very people for whom the message was actually intended: young Texas males.

A few weeks later, on New Year's Day 1986, the Cotton Bowl was interrupted by a rousing guitar rendition of "The Eyes of Texas," played by legendary bluesman Stevie Ray Vaughan. When it was over, Vaughan leaned into the microphone and drawled those same four words: "Don't Mess With Texas."

And a legend was born.
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"Mamas, tell all your babies, Don't Mess With Texas."
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